Your gift is a strength that helps us accomplish our missions

A donation ? Why ?

A donation helps us accomplish even more missions for the protection of the oceans.

On average, two out of three clients donate more than €10.

How it works ?

You can make a donation on our e-shop alone or in addition to your purchase. It’s very simple, you just have to click on the amount you want to donate and the donation is automatically added to your payment. You will pay for everything at once.

Tax deduction

For taxable french citizens, making a donation also means benefiting from a tax deduction of 66% of the amount donated. Of course, a tax receipt will be sent to you one to two weeks following your purchase. So, for example, a donation of 100 euros costs you 34 euros after tax deduction.


Vos achats nous importent, un don c'est encore bien plus
I support, I add a donation to my order

Learn more about tax benefits

For taxable french citizens, you can benefit from a tax reduction of 66% of the amount of your donation. This amount is directly and simply deductible from your income tax. The deduction ceiling is 20% of your net taxable income (beyond 20%, carry over to the next 5 years). Art. 200 of the French General Tax Code.